Making of Pain

      So this sculpt was sure an interesting one to work on. It started out as a desire to make something similar to a cathedral in the level of detail. I pretty quickly started getting inspired by the world building in the game Series "Dark Souls" which has a very dismal, and lonely world where all of the various locations from tunnels deep underground to castles that seem more like mountains in terms of scale are all connected by dark passageways or seemingly abandoned trails and buildings.

     I had absolutely no clue where this sculpture was heading when I started it which you can see from many sections that were redone several times over before I settled on what belonged there. The front and left sides were probably redone the most. 

  • The date typed before a given set of photos indicates the day they were taken.
  • The sculpting medium used was hard grade Monster Clay for the base. All elements added later like the skull or the characters on the back were made with medium grade Monster Clay. The reason for this is that the hard grade holds it's shape much more effectively than softer grades but it doesn't stick to itself very well at this scale while the softer grades stick better they don't hold their shape as well for structural use.
  • The sculpting base is a :~$ynth 3.0 created by Hunger Work Studio and Salvun. It mostly helps provide a high quality stem that ensures the finished copy of the sculpt fits on a mechanical keyboard switch properly and also helps me make sure the sculpt has ideal scale and alignment. 

Final Version April 6th 2020



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