Full History of BrewCaps

First keycap made by BrewCaps (Febuary 2016)

Little Haunt (First Keycap made by BrewCaps early February 2016) 

never publicly released

     It's always fun to look back on these really early caps just to see how much I've progressed. This was the first thing I've ever cast and the earliest thing I can remember sculpting. This keycap was meant to look like a haunted tree and has a multitude of issues the biggest is probably its ridiculous height. It stands at about 2.5 times the height of your average keycap and is basically unusable because of that fact. It wasn't all bad though as I learned a lot from these early caps, like how tall is too tall, which resins and silicones are bad or just not ideal for this scale of casting, how to make working molds and how certain shapes are difficult to cast.


Wixtoise Keycaps and OEM blanks (Early April 2016)

never publicly released

    These keycaps were made featuring a graphic from the Twitch streamer Witwix with the intention of being used for giveaways. The blanks were my first attempt at making blanks. These keycaps aren't particularly interesting but were good practice nonetheless.


HaloRuns Keycap and Fools Gold Blank (April 11, 2016) 

never publicly released

    These caps definitely made me realize some of the difficulties of encapsulation, mainly the tendency for encapsulations to trap air bubbles, putting something transparent into something else transparent causes it to mostly disappear, as well as the fact that some encapsulations can "breach" the surface of the resin if they are heavy enough leading to a rough surface on your casts. 


Agony (Mid April 2016)

never publicly released

      Agony was my second sculpt and was inspired by the aesthetic of the game "The Binding of Isaac" Particularly the item "Bob's Rotton Head". I don't really have a lot to say about this cap other than that it showed me how hard deep undercuts like the neck on this cap can be to cast. I also used these keycaps to experiment with a variety of dyes, particularly inks from glitter pens which are great for any newcomers that want to get a space style look in their caps.



Space Skull Helmet

never publicly released

     These keycaps were almost released but had a major stability issue that would cause them to wobble when pressed due to insufficient clearance for the switch to fit in the bottom of the cap. They were still fun to make and helped lead to the development of future ideas.


BrewOgre (August 2016)

First publically showcased and sold keycap 

     The ogre was my best sculpt at the time in my opinion and the amber colorway recommended to me by my friend Jordan really got me started on doing encapsulation focused keycaps. These keycaps were originally sold on my old Etsy store page. There were only about 20 or so ever released in a small variety of colorways. The amber colorway featured a bee encapsulated inside of it, which were purchased from a seller that assures they had died of natural causes.


High Seas v1 and v2 (November 2016)

never publicly released

     These were my first real attempt at more complex encapsulation. These keycaps featured a small sailboat afloat on the ocean. These keycaps were never publicly sold and I can't for the life of me remember why. I think it may have been the difficulty in making them and lack of experience at the time. It may have also been an issue that they were too tall as I did later make a smaller ship. 



Plastic Beach and unnamed owl keycap (PB Feb 2017 and Owl March 2017)

never publicly released

     These two were honestly really good in terms of looks, and it's a shame neither were ever refined enough to be released. They both had the issues of being too tall and being difficult to cast, as well as being from a time before I had a pressure pot to remove bubbles. The plastic beach keycap was based on a Gorillaz album of the same name and regardless of being refined wouldn't have been sold anyway on account of it belonging to someone else. The owl was later transformed into a future cap as I liked the concept too much to let it go unreleased.


Lonely Deep (May 4, 2017)

      The Lonely Deep was by far my most popular keycap at the time. It was the first cap I started making with a "pressure pot". The pressure pot I was using at the time was made from a modified harbor freight paint tank which I want to stress is a terrible idea and can result in serious injury, destruction of property and death to anyone unlucky enough to have one explode on them. With that aside, this keycap was a lot of fun and the overwhelming response from the community really made me realize my potential to have some success with this endeavor. 


Snowglobe (July 11, 2017)

      The snowglobe keycap was probably my most optimistic keycap. I really loved the idea of an interactive keycap and I really wanted to bring back the owl sculpt. In a new way. These keycaps were by far the hardest to make out of any other I've made at the time. Honestly looking back on it I shouldn't have publicly released these due to the risk of them leaking and ruining someone's board as well as the look of the keycap. This keycap despite being an interesting concept was a terrible idea and wasn't worth the risk. Only nine or so were ever sold. Despite the issues they did, however, teach me about what is acceptable in terms of quality and made me realize that rushing a project out of fear of failure or financial issues isn't worth the ensuing stress or regret. By all means, if anybody wants to use this concept for their keycaps go right ahead but I'm telling you it's most likely a terrible idea.


Cozy Camp (Sept 18, 2017)

     Cozy Camp was a fun keycap to do. These keycaps feature a small tent and a glow in the dark fireplace in a small campground. I really like the concept of a miniature scene captured within the confines of a keycap. These keycaps were only ever sold once and weren't really continued due to a lack of public interest. The concept is still cool however and I love seeing how far other artists have taken the concept of a miniature scene within a keycap. 


Old Man Caramel Candy (Sept 2017)

     This keycap was never properly released. I believe only two exist and were included with a couple Cozy Camp winners to people affected by a hurricane at the time.

Rick and Morty Ship (Set 13, 2017)

never publicly released

     The Rick and Morty ship was mostly made for myself and close friends that liked the show and was never released again due to it being another's IP.


Hobbit Hole (Sept 13, 2017)

     The hobbit hole was a fun keycap to make. I liked the idea of a miniature house keycap and a hobbit hole just seemed to cool to pass up.



Spooky Ghost Ship (Sept 27, 2017)

     The ghost ship was the only variant of the High seas v3 ever released. I wanted to continue and refine the ship keycaps but other artists in the community did a much better job with the concept than I would've done so I just left it to them. I'm not at all upset about it though as it allowed me to focus on other projects and gave me the drive to improve. 


Party Gnomes (Jan 19, 2018)

     The Party Gnomes are maybe my most fun keycap. The idea came from wanting to improve on the concept of the miniature house keycap by having a house that you could see into. I also wanted to bring back and improve upon the concept of the snowglobe keycap by making a new interactive keycap. One that didn't contain any water and that could be "activated" by simply pressing the key. I really love the idea of this keycap and the accompanying graphic designed by Kris Alborough  made it especially hard to discontinue. The party gnomes were discontinued largely due to the difficulty in making them, the fact that the cap is ever so slightly crooked, and the nerve damaged in my thumb incurred by cutting the plastic for the windows. I'd like to bring them back new and improved at some point in the future but only after I have an easier means of producing them.


Adrift (Mar 13, 2018)

      Adrift is meant to be a spiritual successor to the Lonely Deep keycap improving on the concept, in terms of quality while still keeping the theme of something abandoned, lonely, and lost to the world. This keycap was meant to show the feeling of being adrift and lost with no means of being brought back.


Regular Guy (July 25, 2018)

     The regular guy was made with the realization that most of my recent keycaps had some concept that was unnecessarily difficult to cast or was just complicated in general. It was kind of a way for me to prove to myself that I could make something interesting or otherwise of good quality while not going overboard and making something too difficult or tedious to make consistently thus a regular guy with no real exciting features or anything really interesting about him other than his off-putting expression. This was honestly a pretty big step for me in making standard caps and just getting over the idea that my work needs to be overly complex to be appealing and really just focusing on high quality sculpts and quality casts.


Gobbler (Oct 16, 2018)

     The Gobbler is an amphibious character that eats anything and everything. The gobbler is really a marriage between the newfound need to make standard caps again and while still continuing to make new and diverse keycaps while still sticking to the same design. It's a way for me to continue with one keycap while still satisfying my need for creativity. I spent more time getting the gobbler right than any other keycap. I spent roughly eight months sculpting and resculpting the cap, sculpting a new butt for the keycap ( which was also used for the regular guy but was designed for the gobbler). As well as creating a multitude of sculpts for encapsulating in its belly. Given that the Gobbler was such a huge step forward for me in terms of quality and understanding of this art form in general, I figured that it should have a new and exciting packaging that reflected this change and gave some additional context to the sculpt. Which was also designed by Kris Alborough who also designed a sticker included with each Gobbler.

Regular Hands (May 2019)

   Regular Hands is a fun one. There was always something weirdly appealing about the original regular guy. The unusually off-putting smile gave it a certain character that none of my other sculpts had and really set it apart from my other projects despite its relative simplicity in the face of party gnomes, gobblers, and snow globes. When going back to originally just smooth out the sculpt for making new molds I found that I couldn't do it. Something about the character just kept screaming out that it could be more, that it could have some kind of elevated creepiness, and a new dimension of detail. So after far too long, I decided to carve out large parts of the face to make it look more anatomically correct, add ears, hands, a new sculpted bottom, and a small skeleton crawling out from inside of his head.

   The idea behind the latter two changes was to give some more context to what this character represents. I really like the idea of having small details that make an art piece take on a completely different meaning. Like how a painting of a grassy field could leave you having thoughts about tranquility, freedom, nature, or childlike wonder until you notice the dead man lying in the shadow of an oak tree. There the painting suddenly takes on a whole new meaning as the context of the field is changed from a scene of beauty to one of sorrow, mystery, horror, or general unease. Trying to capture that idea of chaos emerging from the shadows on an otherwise normal sculpt is the main thing that I felt the character needed and really makes it a much more interesting piece overall.

Party Gnomes v2 (September 2019)


Silence (October 2019)

Pain (May 2020)